Connecting Podcasters with Advertisers & Guests

Using Podswipe's all in one dashboard marketplace, you can connect with podcast advertisers and monetize your show.

Your Complete Podcast Toolkit

Search through businesses. Search through  guests. Connect with podcast advertisers & monetize your show

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Get Monetized

Monetize your podcast by connecting with podcast advertisers

Get Booked

Get booked on a podcast by connecting with niche specific podcasters

Start to Advertise

Advertise on podcasts and promote your business

Book Guests

Search through potential guests, and book them on your podcast

You have the power
with 3 unique profiles

Podcast Profile - Using a podcast profile you'll be able to connect with  podcast advertisers and guests

Business Profile - Using a business profile you'll be able to search through  podcasts to advertise on

Guest Profile - Using a guest profile you'll be able to connect with  podcasters, and book an interview on their show

Why choose PodSwipe?

As a podcaster we know it can be challenging to find advertisers and guests for  your show. PodSwipe will introduce you to advertisers who are looking to  advertise on your podcast, and to guests looking to be on your show. Connect  with advertisers and guests who already have an interest in your podcast, and  start monetizing your podcast today.

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